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This week's blog considers the issue of Just War in Iraq. It's results week - A level candidates if you don't like your mark, don't forget to order a photocopy of your script! Whether you appeal the mark depends very much on what you wrote on the day.

cool blog this week: Iraq and ethics - please add your comments!!! 


Virtue Ethics will be out shortly, to be followed next month by Environmental and Business Ethics. Revision Guides and How to Get an A Grade (for OCR, AQA and Edexcel) also available through the summer - get ahead of your subject! Go to www.pushmepress.com

Teachers I hope your exam results were as good or better than expected! Do make any suggestions ahead of the new term about material that would really help you make this a WOW subject. Write to me at pbaron@talktalk.net



"I just want to say, again, a heartfelt thank you to you for all the hard work you have done to create the Philosophical Investigations website. Your generosity in sharing these fantastic resources is quite humbling. My teaching (and my students' learning) will benefit greatly and the resources will, I'm sure, have an impact on re-invigorating the popularity of the subject beyond AS and A2. Well done." Helen Latham, RS teacher


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