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This week's blog explores the philosophy of education behind this website Why not experience it yourself by coming to the first ever PushMe Press teacher training day with Libby Ahluwalia and Peter Baron on June 17th "Teaching Ethics". Or take time out to visit Archbishop Tennyson's at the Oval on March 21st? For other dates for revision days coming up, click here.


cool blog this week: the philosophy of the site 

ROADMAPS are now available to help you with Kant, Utilitarianism, Abortion - more to follow.  Understanding is just a few clicks away!


New coursebooks on Meta-ethics, Miracles, Religious Language, Arguments for God, Plato and Aristotle, Free Will and Determinism, War and Peace, Life and Death are now available. Revision Guides and How to Get an A Grade (for OCR board only) also available. There have been some generously good reviews - one email described How to Get an A Grade as "simply superb"! You can also buy discounted book bundles.


Lesson plans
Here are all the lesson plans now loaded in the site - with more coming shortly all with the same interactive, multiple intelligences, "let's read culture" philosophy! I have also loaded Youtube starter activities and suggested pop songs to go with ethics lessons - why not make this subject the coolest in the country?


"I just want to say, again, a heartfelt thank you to you for all the hard work you have done to create the Philosophical Investigations website. Your generosity in sharing these fantastic resources is quite humbling. My teaching (and my students' learning) will benefit greatly and the resources will, I'm sure, have an impact on re-invigorating the popularity of the subject beyond AS and A2. Well done." Helen Latham, RS teacher


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